Specializing in Structural, Concrete, and Difficult Repairs in Central Florida

Job Experience

Building Construction

Schools, bowling alleys, drug stores, hospital, gyms, saunas, steam rooms, swimming pools, health spas…

Foundation Work

Water treatment plants, KSC launch pads and towers, Cruise sea walls in Ports, bridges, pile driving, rebar…

Walls & Trusses

SWS, ICF, masonry, wood, metal stud framing, setting of both structural steel bar joists, decking, columns…

Site Management

Permitting, engineering, clearing, roads, building pads, irrigation, electric, sewer, communications…

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  Site Management

Permitting, engineering, and closeout of permits, clearing, roads, building pads, irrigation, electric, water, sewer, communications, concrete and asphalt paving. 

Foundation Work   

Kennedy Space Center Launch Pads, Launch Towers, Oleanders Peaker Power Plant in Cocoa, Florida. Port Canaveral Cruise sea walls, loading docks, and terminal. Blast walls at Cape Canaveral. Multiple water holding tanks at Claude Dyal Water Treatment Plant, and Lake Washington Water Treatment Plant in Melbourne, Florida. Bridges, numerous types of pile driving. Rebar supervision for columns, walls, beams, roads, decks.

Walls & Trusses

Masonry Block, Shopping Malls, Solid Wall Systems (SWS), Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), Wood and Metal stud framing, setting of both structural steel bar joists, corrugated decking, columns, and wood rafters and decking.


Commercial Building

Hurricane additions to 34 schools in Brevard County, bowling alleys, drug stores, retail stores, interior installation of mill work Hospitals including operating rooms x-ray rooms. Gymnasiums, basketball courts, baseball fields, saunas, steam rooms, swimming pools, health spas, restaurants, Interior drywall, paneling, marble, granite. Flooring of all types including elevated computer floor, acoustic ceilings.


Residential Building

Custom Homes and remodeling of kitchens, bathrooms, screen rooms, interiors, windows, doors. Installation of ceiling beams, new headers, lintels and structural repairs. Additions of family,  bedroom and game rooms.



Disaster Response, Mold and Moisture Remediation, Residential Wind Load Technician, Lead and Building Contaminate Technician, Home, Roof and Wind Mitigation Inspection, Roofing Inspection, Home Inspection

Years of Experience

Completed Projects

Some Projects

Plant Oleander

Plant Oleander

Plant Oleander is a dual fuel, simple-cycle combustion turbine electric-generating plant located near Cocoa, Florida. The primary fuel is natural gas and the backup fuel is distillate (fuel oil).

Claude H. Dyal Water Treatment Plant

Claude H. Dyal Waste Treatment Plant

With two 60’0″ dia x 17’0″ tall sludge thickeners and 120’0″ dia x 12’0″ tall washwater recovery basin, the versatility and ability to adapt to different radiuses allowed for excellent cycling times using the unsurpassed EFCO form solutions.

Port Canaveral Early

Port Canaveral Cruise Terminals

This photo shows the early beginnings of Port Canaveral. Project expanded to include cruise sea walls, loading docks, terminal foundation work.

We’ve Been Building For Over 40 Years

At BULLSEYE CONTRACTING, we run crews from large to small depending on the project parameters, deadlines, and contracts. For small crews, we specialize in Hurricane Specs, Disaster Response, Roofs, Structural, and Remodeling projects.

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“BULLSEYE made my properties hurricane-ready, at an insignificant increase in price, which gives us great peace of mind during those Florida storms. Highly recommend them for large or small work.”


Cocoa Beach

“”BULLSEYE corrected several structural problems, when others couldn’t. They are dependable and kept an on-site presence. They used only quality products and installed them with attention to detail.”



“Thanks to BULLSEYE, we have the sweetest screened in deck ever! Love it! They also added a 400sf addition on our living roomnow we are doing some seriously living! They are very trustworthy hard workers.”


Canaveral Groves

Kennedy Space Center
Brevard Public Schools
Southern Power
Port Canaveral Cruise Terminals
Claude H. Dyal Water Treatment Plant
Lake washington Water Treatment Plant

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